Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Things that will never solved!

I have changed, I stopped my old habits, NO longer of: open boxes and exhume old messages to find my friend's faces and the value of my existence, I just thought, that I got a new life and I have to go on through it,
Last night, day or week _days are uncountable while living new life_, I was surfing through Facebook, drinking coffee and listening to music, nothing was interesting, nothing call my heart to dance, everybody complaining, talking about politic and refugees, among those black thorns of crises and selfishness, Shakespeare's photo has jumped in front of my eyes, above it was a single line:
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Shakespeare was weird, his eyes were yellow and full of emptiness, covered by big-black glasses, and his fingers weren't steady, but moving among background and painting blue circles, and he was singing the same line:
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
He was repeat tirelessly, and staring at me, in the background, the painting became clear:

Two girls standing on high mountain, trying to turn on lights of the houses at the bottom, and it was all with blue color.

When I got close, his voice turned to a female voice, and suddenly I recognize it, was my English teacher voice!, she used to singing this poem to us five years ago, I put my earn closer then I heard everything, my friends voices, explosions and screams noises and the echo of pure laugh.
It was like if Shakespeare wore my past and appeared in front of me, I put my eyes closer to his long nose and yellow eyes, trying to figure out my friends and lovers faces through his features, but he was so light, his eyes has just disappeared such as cloud, and when I touched the mountain and girls with my nose, the computer has ringing, and screen fell asleep!

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